Do you have what it takes?

India is often touted to be the next big economy. With all this untapped potential just waiting to be unlocked, all it needs is ambitious individuals coming together to build profitable businesses that create wealth and prosperity for a billion.

That’s the dream, isn't it?

Well, it is. But it lacks clarity.

As a collective, we crave the glory that comes with building things. But as individuals, we lack the conviction to go all-in on the pursuit.

Building the dream isn't everyone's cup of tea. But if you think you have what it takes, come grab a seat.

Let’s build it together.

Stoa helps you master the language of business.

There's a reason why India's most ambitious folks come to Stoa to grow a business brain. The intense workshops, thriving community and energizing environment leaves them with confidence to take on the new world.

Stoa is a way of life. One which helps you conquer yourself and build clarity on your future. One which teaches you how to create value for yourself and for others, through business.

But we can't "teach" you how to do business.

In fact, no business school can. Building a real business is how you learn to do business. And anyone who tells you otherwise is fooling you.

Then why come to us?

At Stoa, you engage with experienced founders and startup veterans who help you cut through the jargon and look at reality with clear eyes. Because it is only when you see reality for what it is that you can mould it to what you want it to be.

Our mentors will help you avoid making expensive mistakes. Our coaches will help you build systems and gain clarity around your goals. And our community will help you build the 360° perspective, self-awareness, and confidence you need to carve your place in the world.

Make sense of the chaos

In the last decade, tech has redefined how we interact with the world. Social networks have split our world into different worlds. COVID-19 has thrashed most businesses, created new ones. What uncertainities do the 2020s have in store for us? How do we ride waves, if not create them?

Be it Bitcoin or WhatsApp Pay, Stoans help each other cut through the bullshit and look at reality with clear eyes. Because only when you see things for what they are, can you mould them.

See through the jargon

Business isn't academic, and the world doesn't play by fixed rules. At Stoa, you get a glimpse into how the best in the game make decisions under uncertainty.

Be it timeless lessons or hacks that were invented yesterday, Stoans pick up the rules of the game from top founders and executives who've played the game, not academic faculty. The frameworks, mental models and leadership skills you learn here will help you navigate the complexity of the real world.

Be where the action is

When you're in a room with rising stars from different backgrounds, every conversation is pregnant with possibility, every event promises serendipity, and every collaboration offers you a chance to discover the real value you bring to the table.

The raw ambition in here is contagious. To add to it, the relationships, credibility and trust you earn within this community will root you for a lifetime of growth.

Make your next move

Career transitions are often anxiety-filled. You want to be in a better place, moving towards your eventual goal but there's little certainty. Shedding your identity is no easy feat.

Will you be able to move into a business role without an MBA? What stage of startups should you join? How does one pick the right co-founder? No matter what your ambitious career goal, our coaches, mentors and referral network will help you get there—fast.

You might be looking for a cushioned and well-paying job out of your business program. And while we help our fellows achieve that, if it's your primary motivation behind applying, we aren't for you.

Stoa School is a bet on the future of India. And more importantly, it's a bet on those who would bet on themselves.

The question then is:

Are you ready to take the bet?

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