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Is this for you?

The perfect program for you, if you are

  • Considering an MBA but 2 years and the ₹ 20-40 lakh loans are a big ask.
  • An associate / junior in your team, aiming for senior roles with higher pay.
  • A corporate employee looking to transition to high-growth startups.
  • A business owner looking to get better at growing your business.
  • A founder looking for mentorship and guidance while starting up.
Stoa changed my life. I was finally able to break away from an IT services role and work directly with the founders of a fintech startup.
Ankit Ruparel,
Founder's Office, GrowFix
ex-L&T Infotech
This was the best after-college education ever. I wouldn't want an MBA, this was just the perfect thing.

Roshni Chandrasekar,
Foreign Exchange Local Markets, Citi
Finance Week helped me think more critically about core concepts like cashflow management. In fact, I've used some of the frameworks to measure the health and performance of my own family business.
Kashyap Keni,
Director, VerGo Pharma
To be an effective leader, you just don't have to be extremely good with words, but you have to be able to drive change in the minds of people. Leadership Week at Stoa really helped me with this.
Ved Dubhashi,
Master Thesis Student, ZEF B.V., Delft
The IaaS/SaaS discussions I had at Stoa helped me to clarify some key project-related issues at work and bridge the divide between the folks at our investment arm and the folks in my team.
Sharada Srinivasan,
Young Professional, The World Bank
University of Pennsylvania
The 1:1 coaching helped me identify my short- and long-term goals and take concrete action towards achieving them. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Baba Prasad Nath,
Senior Manager, Osam Dairy
Ashoka University
Apart from learning how to think, I'm also getting to cross-collaborate with people from a very very different background than mine. I've learned so much from their trajectories and the way they think.
Rajul Jain,
Analyst, HSBC
What Stoa has pushed me towards is working with limited information and constraints; with being quick on my feet and taking the right decisions.
Akhilesh Damaraju,
Head of Product and Engineering, Humantic AI
The best part about Stoa is that I got to meet and connect with such amazing people which I otherwise wouldn't have met.
Tanvi Raut Desai,
Founder, Filter Coffee
What you get

That 10x change you're looking for in your career.

Master business fundamentals needed for bagging high-impact leadership roles and developing a 360° picture of reality
Learn skills and tools that add to your core competency and wear multiple hats at work with 100+ workshops
Get psychologically prepped for that career transition you're looking for with ICF-certified 1:1 professional coaching
Be part of the Stoa Community of CXOs and founders who will help you connect with great people and opportunities
What stood out to me about the learning at Stoa is that during Venture Creation month, we were able to apply each and everything we'd learned in the past two months.
Shobhit Tyagi,
Technology Analyst, Infosys
The advantage of being in such a well-curated community is not only that you get to learn from a great set of folks but it also helps you think better about problems you're facing at work.
Ishaan Srivastava,
Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company
Yale University
Stoa has a diverse cohort that allows you to bring together different perspectives and insights. I've been amazed to see how someone from a different age group or background approaches the same problem.
Neeraj Bholani,
Engineering Lead, John Deere
My job requires me to talk to people from different teams, organisations, and locations. After Stoa, I'm more comfortable doing that. Also, I now feel more confident in taking initiative and doing things.
Amit Chhabra,
Software Engineer , Uber
ex-DirectI, Amazon
Cohort-based-learning has taught me how to work as a team and pull other people along with you. Also, getting a 360-degree view in terms of how a particular industry functions has been really good.
Ashitaa Jha,
Content Strategy, Mahindra and Mahindra
Miranda House
What Stoa has helped me with is the ability to network. For the first time in my life, I've really reached out to people and learned from them. That for me is a big win. Because we scientists are generally introverts and science is very isolating.

Purnima Manghnani,
Postdoctoral Researcher, SMART
PhD, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Coming from an SSC education and then engineering, my perspective has been very myopic. But being able to discuss concepts with people who come from different walks of life has completely changed how I look at things.
Shraddha Joshi,
Associate, Performics India
The value in Stoa is connecting with these really unique individuals. It has made me realize the power of network and having such ambitious folks around you.
Yash Singh,
Instructional Designer, Aris Academy
University of Texas at Arlington
It was a crazy, super-fast learning experience where we covered a lot of stuff like economics, game theory, and marketing. That's what I like — going fast and learning things.
Yash Chavan,
Growth Marketing Consultant
Who'll teach you

Founders who've learnt things the hard way

Aditya Kulkarni
Program Director
  • IIM-Bangalore, BITS-Pilani
  • 2x Entrepreneur
  • Director's Merit List at IIM-B
Raj Kunkolienkar
Community Director
  • BITS-Pilani alumnus
  • Co-Founder, Nova Semita
  • Co-Founder, Yuva Fund

Founders who share their stories at Stoa

Better Labs,
Vaibhav Domkundwar
Lambda School,
Austen Allred
Richa Kar
Ankur Warikoo
Raveen Sastry
HDFC Credilla,
Ajay Bohora
Dawaa Dost,
Amit Choudhary
And many others coming up in future cohorts
What you'll do

24 intense weeks of learning how to run modern businesses.

  • Building Business Models and Creating Strategy: Decrypting Value, Consumer & B2B Businesses, Monetization models, Industry Analysis, Growth Matrices, Strategic Leadership
  • Macro & Micro Economics: Game Theory, Demand, Supply & Price, Macro Measures, Monetary & Fiscal Policies, Unit Economics, NPV & IRR, P&L, Balance Sheets
  • Branding & Marketing: Segmenting Consumers, Targeting & Positioning, Brand Strategy, Consumer Psychology, Marketing Mix, Organizational Buying, Selling Online
  • Customer Discovery & Go-To Market Planning: Where to find customers and what to ask them to get deep insights. See what cards you can play to win over the first 10, 100 and 1000 customers.
  • Scoring Capital: Bootstrapping, angel and venture capital. Let's understand what the answer depends on.
  • Running a Tight Ship: Learn all the secrets to operating with speed and efficiency using no-code tools.
  • Enhancing Performance: Art of Negotiation, Principle-Agent Problem, Groups, Teams & Norms, Theories of Motivation
  • Leadership + Shaping Culture: Understanding your Leadership Style, Decision Making Frameworks, Social Influence, Ethics & Responsibility, Change, Conflicts, Biases, Communication
Time commitment

Designed for professionals with fulltime jobs.

Business classes and workshops on alternate weekends
(8 hours spread across Saturday and Sunday)

Opt-in community events like meet-ups, game nights, and talks on weekdays
(45 minutes – 1 hour after 8 pm)

It's an intense program, with something happening almost every day. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits. But the things you'll learn, the relationships you'll build, and the person you'll become by the end of these 24 weeks will make it all feel worth it.


The program's effectively free!

On an average, Stoa graduates see a 47% salary increment which covers for the program fees and more.

Program fees start from ₹9625 /mo. with EMI
or one time payment of ₹1,75,000+ GST

This saves you 2 years and ~₹30L in loans as compared to a traditional MBA. Plus, you get access to Stoa community events for life.

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Our highly selective admission process helps us bring together brilliant minds for this journey. Admissions are on a rolling basis - we accept you if we're convinced you're a great fit without waiting for the deadline.

Once you submit the short form below, we'll send you more program details along with the fee structure. We shall promptly evaluate your profile and get back to you with the next steps, which will likely involve an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a degree or a diploma?
No, we don't. And we don't think you're the right fit for this program if you are looking for a degree.
What are the program fees?
Fill up your details on the form above and we'll mail you with the programme fees. We're collecting your profile details because that help us offer you appropriate financing options or scholarships.
Will I get a job after this program?
If you have the drive and the skills to go with it, Stoa's network and referrals will make your life easy when it comes to your next job hunt.
Will this program help me if I plan on going abroad?
This program will help become fluent in the language of business and pitch yourself in that capacity — something that will help you pursue opportunities abroad, if you wish to. The flight ticket and visa is on you, though.
Will I be able to complete this program alongside my fulltime job?
The program is designed for working professionals. The core curriculum will be covered over the weekends. However, there's some community event happening in the evenings on a daily basis, you get to pick what you want to attend.
How long does the application process take?
Not very long. If we like what you can bring into the Stoa community, we'll schedule an interview with you to discuss your goals. If we see a fit, you are in. The entire process takes about a week.
What is the selection criteria?
There is no degree based criteria. We look for integrity, ability to learn fast and the drive to go deep solving problems. We love people who are helpful to others around them. Also, a decent webcam, microphone, and internet connection is a must.
Will this program help me if I already have an MBA?
We are flattered. But yes, if your MBA didn't get you started, it probably had to do with your lack of a good peer group. The Stoa Community and network can change that.
What support can I expect after the program?
After the program, you will still remain a part of the Stoa community and our network of coaches and mentors. You will be privy to all community events, skill-building workshops, and offline / online meetups organized by Stoa School. Besides these, you will also have access to our mentors and their extended network for business and career-related support.
Do companies value a Stoa School education?
It's always good to remember that companies don't hire a Stoa School or an IIM or an ISB, they hire you. Be it any business school, what ultimately matters to a company is the value you bring to the table. If you have the skills, institutional labels should neither concern you nor the company you wish to work at. You'll find your way.